Thursday, September 5, 2013


So For those already in uni and those going to uni here's just a quick list of stuff that i packed aside from stuff that everyone knows (clothes etc)
(I'm a 2nd year @ UCONN if anyone was wondering)
-ofc if there's anything you'd like to know just msg me c;

❃ Bath Supplies ( shower gel, hairdryer, shampoo, towel, washcloth, anything else you need when you shower)
❃ Beauty Supplies ( ranging from lip-balm & Concealer to moisturizers)
❃accessories (earrings etc.. for guys probably a tie -never know when there will be a formal event, Nail clippers etc)
❃ PAPER SUPPLIES. (cups, bowls-instead of plates, more useful, utensils, paper towels, tissues)
❃ SNACKS & bottled water/drinks. 
❃ electronics ( bring only what you need. Ethernet cable, laptop, phone & their chargers, PRINTER)
❃daily schools supplies (pencils, printing paper, etc...)
❃organizing stuffs ( boxes, crates, hanging shoe boxes thingies,hanging closet organizers- this stuff comes in useful as your not living in a giant rm)
❃ appliances ( fridge if wanted, coffee maker-for mah tea XD, microwave)
❃ BAND AIDS & first aid kit stuffs
❃POWER STRIP ( believe me...u will not have enough plugs to plug in all your electronics )
❃ Bedding stuff ( careful when u buy sheets make sure to get xtra long as most uni's have mattresses which are xtra long)
❃ Alarm Clock & table lamp
❃ CLOTHES (make sure u don't forget your pajamas, also have at 1 set of formal clothes & 1 set just to look cute and stuff 4 parties)
❃FLIP FLOPS! ( this is a big one. wear them to shower cuz u never know how clean shower floors are esp if your sharing one)
❃ Decor ( if your like me...someone that likes their room to look pretty/ less boring buy wall decor xD)
❃hanging sticky hook things ( there's are very useful *-* whether to stick in your closet and hang bags on or just to hang other stuff)
❃LAUNDRY STUFF ( gotta do dat laundry *-*, laundry bag, dryer sheets, that liquid stuff-which u can actually get in packaged mini packs-really handy)
OK SO THIS IS IT! so if there's any freshman out there or if your just a uni student looking for a checklist i hope this helps c; if there's anything u think i forget feel free to post it *-* chances are if its not on the list i might have forgot to pack it myself... >.<

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