Sunday, January 5, 2014

Maplestory & other boring stuff.

HALLOOO~ It is now currently winter break there has been quite ALOT of snow in the NorthEast but that's ok as long as I dont have to be outside often I'm all good. Now what have I been doing this winter break? Well, all I have to say is addicted to maple! School doesn't start back up till Jan 21st, 2014. So yeah, more maple here we go! As can see on this blog the maple page is currently still under construction although I do hope to add screen shots images etc etc~ check back lata for some updates ^o^ Also I got an interesting league video soon to be posted on my youtube! be sure to check it when it comes out ^o^

Thursday, September 5, 2013


So For those already in uni and those going to uni here's just a quick list of stuff that i packed aside from stuff that everyone knows (clothes etc)
(I'm a 2nd year @ UCONN if anyone was wondering)
-ofc if there's anything you'd like to know just msg me c;

❃ Bath Supplies ( shower gel, hairdryer, shampoo, towel, washcloth, anything else you need when you shower)
❃ Beauty Supplies ( ranging from lip-balm & Concealer to moisturizers)
❃accessories (earrings etc.. for guys probably a tie -never know when there will be a formal event, Nail clippers etc)
❃ PAPER SUPPLIES. (cups, bowls-instead of plates, more useful, utensils, paper towels, tissues)
❃ SNACKS & bottled water/drinks. 
❃ electronics ( bring only what you need. Ethernet cable, laptop, phone & their chargers, PRINTER)
❃daily schools supplies (pencils, printing paper, etc...)
❃organizing stuffs ( boxes, crates, hanging shoe boxes thingies,hanging closet organizers- this stuff comes in useful as your not living in a giant rm)
❃ appliances ( fridge if wanted, coffee maker-for mah tea XD, microwave)
❃ BAND AIDS & first aid kit stuffs
❃POWER STRIP ( believe me...u will not have enough plugs to plug in all your electronics )
❃ Bedding stuff ( careful when u buy sheets make sure to get xtra long as most uni's have mattresses which are xtra long)
❃ Alarm Clock & table lamp
❃ CLOTHES (make sure u don't forget your pajamas, also have at 1 set of formal clothes & 1 set just to look cute and stuff 4 parties)
❃FLIP FLOPS! ( this is a big one. wear them to shower cuz u never know how clean shower floors are esp if your sharing one)
❃ Decor ( if your like me...someone that likes their room to look pretty/ less boring buy wall decor xD)
❃hanging sticky hook things ( there's are very useful *-* whether to stick in your closet and hang bags on or just to hang other stuff)
❃LAUNDRY STUFF ( gotta do dat laundry *-*, laundry bag, dryer sheets, that liquid stuff-which u can actually get in packaged mini packs-really handy)
OK SO THIS IS IT! so if there's any freshman out there or if your just a uni student looking for a checklist i hope this helps c; if there's anything u think i forget feel free to post it *-* chances are if its not on the list i might have forgot to pack it myself... >.<

Saturday, August 31, 2013

OK well hello to all my blog followers~ if any. If you do follow you've probably noticed that I really haven't been posting much. Well that's because school has started and I really don't have much time to blog. But this post is just to share a few of my faves for this month.
Fave Song for this month :

Ok so USUALLY I'm not a jb fan but this time when I heard this song it was just really well... catchy and pretty.

Also for those that do play league of legends. Which is actually quite a lot of people and for those who don't play I'm sure everyone has at least heard of league. Well as most know the NA regional are going on right now and lets just say my favorite team TSM just won 4 matches in a row wiping out CLG in quarters and Vulcan in semis, GO TEAM GO ~off to the world you go <3 and mmmm for those that also love tsm heres the wallpaper I'm currently using for my laptop c;
Also post your fave team as well, they all need the support!
Disclaimer: I do not own this image it's a very talented deviant artist that made this <3
SO other than other people's artwork I've also been taking quite a few pictures myself (Since I went to Philly over summer) So heres one of my favorite pictures.

Cute lil tikis~
(picture taken at Morris Arboretum)
Anyways~ Thanks for reading and this concludes this post. If there's anything your interested in feel free to comment or just send me an email or something-Contact info is to your left ^o^